Ariel School UFO Incident (1994)

Ariel School UFO Incident (1994)

ariel school ufo incident

The Ariel School UFO incident took place on September 16, 1994, in Ruwa, Zimbabwe. It involved the sighting of a UFO by numerous schoolchildren at the Ariel School, who also reported an encounter with beings associated with the craft.

During the morning recess, approximately 62 students, aged between 5 and 12, were outside playing when they suddenly noticed a disc-shaped craft descend and hover above the schoolyard. The children described the craft as silver or metallic with strange symbols on its surface. They reported that it emitted a bright light and made no sound.

As the UFO hovered, some children claimed to have seen small beings near the craft. These beings were described as humanoid with long black hair, large eyes, and thin bodies. The children reported feeling a sense of telepathic communication from the beings, who conveyed a message of environmental concern and warned about the destructive nature of humanity.

The incident created panic and confusion among the children, and many of them ran back into the school to inform their teachers and classmates about the encounter. The headmaster at the Ariel School, Colin Mackie, conducted interviews with the children to document their accounts, and these interviews were later made public.

The Ariel School UFO incident gained international attention and was investigated by various researchers and organizations, including the late Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John E. Mack. He conducted interviews with the children and concluded that their testimonies were sincere and consistent, suggesting a genuine and impactful experience.

The incident was also supported by additional witnesses, including teachers and staff members who observed the children’s reactions and heard their accounts. The Ariel School UFO incident stands out due to the number of witnesses involved, the consistency of their stories, and the potential long-term impact it had on the children’s lives.

Skeptics have offered various alternative explanations, such as mass hysteria or misinterpretation of natural phenomena. However, proponents of the incident argue that the credibility and consistency of the children’s testimonies, along with the emotional and psychological effects reported by some of them, support the idea of a genuine encounter.


Numerous schoolchildren at the Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, reported seeing a UFO and encountering beings associated with the craft, leading to widespread interest and investigation.